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All our courses are held online using Google Docs, Google Meet in order to make learning online as easy and convenient as possible. These digital tools are easy to access and do not require prior installation or know-how. All students need is a computer (or phone) and an internet connection.

During class, students are taught how to use many of Google Docs's features in an intuitive and user-friendly way. From sharing images and creating tables to providing feedback via comments and keeping track of everything that is discussed and learned, each feature ensures a smooth and pleasant learning experience.

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Group reading course
Group reading course


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Enrolled in our University prep and IELTS course

Applying for grad schools is already a big challenge for non-native speakers, and I was told by many professional agencies that with my low grades it was impossible to get accepted anywhere. 

But my friends at Booksmart didn't think so. They explained that there is more to the application process than grades on paper. Interviewers and recruiters are looking for that human element that no amount of merits and grades can provide. 

With Booksmart's feedback and insightful analysis of my writing strategies I was able to highlight the human qualities that universities look for, and now I am a proud postgraduate at UC Merced.

- Marcus Zhang

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