Barbarism versus Progressiveness

Faraz Saberi
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The barbarism versus progressiveness narrative is a common theme in the history of many nations, and while it has been used to justify conquests, colonialism, and even wars, it has also undoubtedly spurred humanity forward on the path of development. How does it work?

This narrative suggests that there are two opposing forces in the world: barbarism and progressiveness. Barbarism is seen as a regressive force that seeks to drag society back to the past, while progressiveness is seen as a forward-looking force that seeks to move society toward a better future.

This narrative can have a unifying effect on a nation. It can bring people together behind a common cause and help to build a sense of national identity. In terms of economic progress, this narrative can be used to justify the need for modernization and development. The idea is that progressiveness will lead to economic growth and prosperity, while barbarism will lead to stagnation and poverty.

The narrative can also have an impact on the labor force. Workers can be motivated by the idea that they are working toward a brighter future and that their efforts are helping to push society forward. This can lead to greater productivity, as workers feel that they are contributing to a larger cause.

Finally, the narrative can have an impact on a nation's military. The idea of progressiveness can be used to justify a military force that protects progression from those who would seek to stop or destroy it. The argument is that a nation needs to be strong and powerful in order to achieve progress and that military strength is necessary to protect the nation's interests.

Of course, the barbarism versus progressiveness narrative can also have negative consequences. It can be used to justify violence, oppression, and exploitation. It can create a sense of superiority among certain groups, leading to discrimination and prejudice. While development can be seen as a virtue, it is important to also recognize the potential negative effects of this narrative and to be vigilant against abuses of power.

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