Monkeys and Apes: A Great Evolutionary Stride

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About 60 million years ago, a significant event occurred in the history of our planet—the appearance of the first monkeys and apes. As mentioned in detail in the History of the World by Roberts and Westad, these early primates played a crucial role in shaping the course of evolution and eventually gave rise to modern-day primates, including humans. Understanding this ancient history allows us to appreciate the diversity of life on Earth and our own place within it.

Primates that appeared 60 million years ago began to adapt to life in trees. They developed characteristics such as forward-facing eyes, grasping hands and feet, and larger brains compared to their ancestors. These adaptations enabled them to navigate the complex environments of the tropical forests, where they found abundant food sources and shelter. By studying this fascinating period in history, we gain a deeper understanding of our own evolutionary journey and the connections we, as a species, share with other primates.

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