Expression: The Game's not Worth the Candle

Faraz Saberi
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The expression "the game's not worth the candle" is used to express that the potential reward of an endeavor is not worth the effort, expense, or risk involved in pursuing it. This phrase is often used to discourage someone from undertaking an action or to justify abandoning a task that has little chance of success or low benefits.

The origin of this expression dates back to the 16th century, a time when card games were very popular in Europe. At that time, candles were used to provide light while playing cards. The phrase "the game's not worth the candle" is said to have originated in the French language from the practice of wealthy gamblers who used expensive candles to light up their games. When the stakes were low or the game was deemed not worth the cost of the candles, they would often quit playing, saying "the game's not worth the candle."

The phrase has since evolved to be used in other contexts beyond card games, such as in business, politics, or personal decisions. It implies that the expected outcome of an action or venture is not worth the resources or risks involved. It is a cautionary expression that encourages people to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of any situation before committing themselves.

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