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Online IB tutoring classes are specifically designed for students who are going to (or are already enrolled at) IB international schools in either the MYP or DP programs. They are full-length weekly online courses that often run for the duration in which a student goes to an IB school, and primarily held online through Google Docs and Google Meet.

What sets Booksmart IB tutoring apart


Through in-depth knowledge of what the IB curriculum asks of its students, our Booksmart tutors are versed in the challenges MYP and DP students face in a new academic environment where English is the main form of communication. This in-depth knowledge allows our tutors to help students prepare for and overcome those challenges through weekly online meetings that incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

Academic speaking and writing


As part of IB tutoring, students are taught to put their thoughts into words in a coherent and academic manner. Specifically, this means students are taught the skills of academic writing and speaking. From logic and coherence in presentations to structure and register in text, we teach students to communicate.

Course content

While all Online IB tutoring classes are tailored to fit the needs of each individual student, the content of each class broadly covers three of the eight subject groups within the IB curriculum (Language & Acquisition, Language & Literature, and Individuals & Societies) as well as two of its core components (ATL, Personal Project). 

In order to provide students with the language and the necessary cultural background that is needed to properly wield the English language in an international environment, students are guided through various fields, including history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, literature, and culture. All of these subjects are ultimately combined to provide students with the interdisciplinary mindset that they are expected to cultivate in an IB environment.

Digital tools and media

Whether we like it or not, we are now living in the digital age, which makes shielding the younger generation from the online world a near-hopeless endeavor. But while we may not be able to shield them, we are able to prepare them.

That is why, while under our tutelage, IB students are not simply told off for or discouraged from spending time behind a screen. Instead actively taught how to use the online world in a productive and sustainable way.

Naturally, we introduce students to online academic tools so they learn how to write academic essays and perform critical analyses. Other digital tools they are required to become proficient with include Google Docs, Google Scholar, Wikipedia, AI, and various dictionaries.

In addition, students are introduced to media that will help consolidate what they learn in school (such as movies, TV shows, and literature) and media websites (such as Youtube) that, if one learns to use them correctly, provide them with a flow of healthy and educational content. 

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